Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY [knuckle] rings!

This is one of my fav. easy simple trends of this year. Although buying knuckle rings are not so pricey, for me they're hard to find, so I thought the best way is to just make them myself! I made some last summer but never made a tutorial on them so I thought what better time then spring?! Hope you guys enjoy, I apologize in advance for the bad manicure! 

The best part about this DIY is that you only need a few materials, and theres ALWAYS a 50% a.c.moore coupon promo going on:)

I just eyeballed any size I thought would look appropriate to my fingers, but the thicker the wire, the harder to bend so keep that in mind. 

I first sized my wire around the end of a (desi) rolling pin to get a proper circle similar to the circumference of my finger. 

I wanted a simple design so I just wrapped it around the rolling pin one more time.

Use the plier to cut off any excess wire.

Viola !

For my second one I wanted more detail, and decided to make one with a heart.

First make a small loupe around the smallest pliers you have. 

Then similar to the other ring, wrap the wire around the rolling pin (you can use anything you want) to start a shape for the ring.

I suggest taking extra wire when trying to make the heart because its super easy to mess up, or not have enough to make all of the curves of the heart.

Make the hear as big or small as you like.

And there you have it, super easy huh?

I also love my girl Renaaye's DIY knuckle rings, make sure to check her out as well!


  1. This is fab! love the heart girlfriend :) you are so crafty!

  2. These are amazing! I have to try this!