Friday, May 4, 2012


After a world wind of crazy weather all week, today in the east coast -NJ its GORGEOUS out!! I did have class this afternoon, but will be heading out later this evening, so I thought what should I wear??

Got this great neon crop top blouse at TJ maxx for around $12, thought I could pair this with some sleek leather leggings or $6.00 h&m skirthere!

I'm not a picky shopper, but I do look for deals! Love this emerald green crop top from STRAWBERRY on my black h&m mini!

One of my favorite finds this spring, MINT GREEN JEANS! I couldn't find a good pair that was affordable for a really long time, everywhere I looked they were at least 120+!! I finally found these at a store called easy picking' now normally I rather get good quality for my buck, but these jeans are PERFECT! and only $19.99! They had a huge selection of colors like peach and yellows, I'm def. going back! h&m also has a similar style for less here!

IN LOVE with all of these, but don't know which one to wear! Let me know which one you girlies like:)

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