Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY camo stud tee!

So today, we had a storm day! Sandy has officially hit the east coast & since theres a state of emergency that means we all have the day off! In the mean time, I thought I'd share one of my fav fall DIYs:)

1. Camo tee, I got this one from target for $3
2. Scissors 
3. Pyramid Studs, I got mine from a stud belt @ dollar day. similar - but you can find way cheaper
3. Butter knife - to take studs off belt
4. Measuring tape
5. Marker

STEP 1: Turn shirt inside out and trace along the shoulder seems, as to how low you want your cut out to be

STEP 2: Slowly cut through fabric to create the cut out, once you've done so try the shirt on to make sure each side is equal cut in length

STEP 3: Take studs and start poking through fabric along the linings of the cutout you just made ( I also put studs on the collar )

& there you have it, finished product :)

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