Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bun kind of day..

Most of the days of the week I have to get up at 5 to make it to work by 7 so on my days off, its all about sleeping in and relaxing. And after being in scrubs all the time, its always nice to dress it up when I can! But lets be real, its hard keeping up with all the demands of being a girl to always have your hair done, makeup perfect etc! On these kind of lazy days... its all about the sock bun!! I love this hair style because you can dress it up for special events or dressy it down any way you please. A few days ago we decided to go to a nice lunch and walk around in town, so I thought it would be a good casual day for leggings and a sleek simple blouse. 

Sock bun? Grab one of your dads old dress socks, or your own black/brown (to match your hair color..doesn't have to be exact!) cut off the end, and start rolling it outward to make a donut!

Blouse: Tobi // Similar: Here

Leggings: India  // Similar: Here

Bag: Aldo // Similar: Here

  Flats: Target // Here

Monday, May 6, 2013

Look for Less!

Just in time for Mother's Day!

This is one of my favorite looks by far! I've already worn this a few times, and I still get the same reaction as I did the first time! I love this yellow peplum I found a little while ago at JCP. Funny thing is I stopped shopping there a longggg the ago. I could never find something I liked or fit properly but lately since they revamped the stores, their products have gotten so chic & cheap! They had EVERY color available from yellow, magenta, turquoise, baby blue, white & black! But even better was the price and material. Only $10 and the material was so good, def worth every penny. I can't find the link to this top online but they must still have it because its in this weeks flyer. 

So anyways, by the time I got this top I started to find other great deals. I've been eyeing these shoes since they came out but couldn't think of what I could wear plum/burgundy heels with and thought for $50, it may be just a waste, but I loved the style! The same week I got the top, ZARA was having a sale, and I got these beauties for $15 !! A lot of people think Zara is somewhat high end, but I always find great deals there, you just have to be patient! 

So after almost fainting from all the deals I was finding, I finally ended up at Charlotte Russe and found a great Hermes inspired bracelet for $5

& thats how I found my perfect outfit! I paired it with these faux leather liquid leggings (old) I got for $9 and voila... 

Pair this with your fave black bag, and you got your look for less!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chartreuse in my closet

It finally feels like spring! It seems like lately whenever the weather is nice out, I'm stuck insides working..but finally last week on my day off it was beautiful! It was the perfect day to bring out a flowy bright comfortable dress! This flawy tier dress is more of a chartreuse color but photographs to a beautiful bright neon. I love the look because its super easy, no fuss, and doesn't feel constricted. You can dress this up with heels or dress it down for a picnic in sandals!

Dress - gifted Marshalls // Similar
Heels - (old) Forever 21 // Similar 
Clutch -  H&M // love this Fringe bag.
Necklace - Forever 21