Monday, April 30, 2012


ELF: part daux: Time for some beautiful EYES:

I have always been on the look out for an affordable but amazing mascara, and I have definitely hit the jackpot! A couple of years back my cousin introduced me to COVER GIRL- LAST BLAST! Although my lashes are naturally long, this def. gave me the volume and fullness I have been looking for!! 

For those who may not know what it look like,

PS. I suggest NOT getting the waterproof. I have a routine where I put some on, let it dry and reapply a few coats and for me its turned out that the re-applying makes it waterproof already! (Have used it at the beach, sappy movies, etc.)

- will post up some pics of my friends who have transformed their lashes using LASH BLAST soon:)

some of my fav. eye makeup:

This should probably be put in the ELF-face category but her eyes look just as flawless!

Somewhat of a completely different look, but I love that even though she's fair skinned, the smokey eye isn't taking over her face but instead giving her a very romantic look.

Natural and sweet! - urban decay NAKED palette.

I also found a few great tips online through other bloggers!
I usually don't use an eyelash curler because like I said earlier I do have long lashes as it is and are curled enough for me, but I hear these curlers are great!

MACs half eye lash curler works great! TIP: if you use a blow dryer to warm the curler, similar to a a hair curler, it will help intensify the curl of your lash! CAUTION: test the warmth on skin before burning/harming your skin and lashes!


potatoes, pineapples, avocado, tea bags, & cucumbers ALL help in rejuvenating eyes, and helping puffiness along with dark eye circles!

PSS. If anyone knows how to update their blogs (design) with a good and modern template, I would really appreciate it! I'm a newbie to this blogging, and would love a vamped up new look;) Thanks!

Friday, April 20, 2012


So heres my challenge- EYES, LIPS, FACE. whats trending with you lately? 

  Lets start with EYES:

I've always loved a pink more so than a red, I definitely think its an all year around color and can be super glam to super casual depending on how soft or bright you go

Ever since I saw Rihanna and Cheryl Cole rocking a plum purple, I knew I had to get one. If your looking for a deal Rimmel London has a gorgeous plum!

Haven't gotten around to it, but had seen it on many. Nicki Minaj's viva glam for MAC lipsticks!